Friday, December 26, 2008

Special Offer: Laserlipolisi Treatment at RM1500

Hi friends and family!

I am setting up a new centre for Laserlipolisi. It shall be ready by March 09.

Meanwhile, I would like to extend this special offer to all of you battling out there : )

Laserlipolisi (Smartlipo) Treatment

1st part at RM1500 (normal price @ RM4000)

Additional part at RM500 (maximum 2 additional parts)


*Immediate results

*Free consultation

*Offer valid until 28 February 2009

*Treatment Centre at, 18 Jln Puteri 2/2, Bdr Puteri Puchong, Selangor

Laserlipolisi is a technique that destroys fat deposits in specific areas of the body. Using a special laser system to break down the membranes of the fat cells, the fats are eliminated by the body in a most natural manner.

For more information of laserlipolisi treatment, you may visit the following non-bias reviews at

Remember to extend this great offer to your friends, co-workers, family members before 28 February 2009 !

Happy New Year.

warmest regards,

kenwee 012-2256737

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

4 Days 3 Nights at Patong, Phuket

Look at Ern Tong. She was doing parasailing (THB 700). What a wonderful experience! That was during our day trip to Coral Island by speed boat (THB 2600, 2adults + 2children including transfers, mask & snorkel and lunch).

While children having fun time at the beach, Yi Chian and I 'trying' to enjoy snorkeling. We can't really go far..., Sean keep calling for us, worrying of our safety... worrying of his too : )

Do check out more information on which part of the Coral Island tour agents offer. I have overlooked on blogger comments. We only saw dead corals and were served with a so so lunch.

Our stay at Mercure Patong Phuket was an excellent choice. Everything was fine., staff, room, pool, gym, kids club. We actually left Ern Tong and Sean under their supervision (the kids club) where we walked to Jungceylon (15 minutes) for shopping and do pampered ourselves with a 65 mins facial and massage. Children were entertained with video games, sculpture paint, cartoon, swimming and other games. Meal with drink were served according to our order.

OTOP market was just 5 mins walk from Mercure. Since we don't really love bargaining, we only went for a fun 10 mins window shop. For me, it is very similar to our pasar malam.

We had a few meals at "Oasis" (1 min walk from Mercure). It offers free wifi, internet and wii games too. Children love this place, beware, you may spend much longer time than expected for a simple meal! Try their fried noodle, very nice.

Oh yeah, I would highly recommend you to visit the following websites for hotel/stay:





I booked it with agoda., 3 nights Mercure Patong Phuket, superior 1 double bed, room only at US205.20 inclusive of tax.

Don't miss the busy Bangla Road. It is happening. Go for the experinece, feel the nightlife. It is located just opposite the Jungceylon Shopping Mall (15 mins walk from Mercure).

We had good memory on the elephant Trekking too (THB 1800 2adults + 2 children + transfers at Camp Chang Kalim, 10 mins drive from Mercure). The one hour trek was an experience, a fun and exciting journey. Sean and I sang song, collecting leaves, chatting and so on. The best part of all was.... all four of us witnessed the action/process of elephants pass motion!!

During the banana feeding, the elephants were swallowing fast. I guess they must be very tired and hungry.


Meter taxi (outside the airport, turn right) from Phuket Airport to patong beach area costs around THB 450. To Mercure, the meter showed THB 41x, however the driver asked for THB 450. Normal taxi shall ask between THB 500 to THB 700.

Expect to pay around THB 600 from Mercure/Patong Beach to Phuket Airport (normal taxi). *Meter taxi is not available.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ern Tong, Congratulations On Your Graduation!

11 October was Ern Tong's big day, 'Congratulations on your graduation, we are proud of you darling!'

Ern Tong is leaving Eduland soon, thank you and Bye Bye Eduland! I am glad that Ern Tong has had a happy and enjoyable learning ground in Eduland. She has grown so much., she is now ready and looking forward to join Han Ming for her primary one : )

The Prom and Graduation Night 2008 was held at 'Palace of The Golden Horses'. Both Ern Tong and Sean have been practising long and hard for their performance. During the dinner, we were entertained by performances of Edulanders. Both Ern Tong and Sean were doing good. Ern Tong was especially gorgeous, she was so confident with every move and step. She is a real expert now, performing each year since 2 years old., the only time she cried : )

*Click here to view more photos on Ern Tong's Prom and Graduation Night 2008.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Cameron Highlands 31 August 08, Merdeka! Merdeka!

Rose Valley located at Tringkap was our first stop at Cameron Highlands. While Yi Chian was getting the car parked in position, I saw two muscular men standing near the entrance.... holding and enjoying their sweetcorn (I feel funny). The next moment you know, I was holding and enjoying my sweetcorn too!! Hmmmm, very very sweet. MUST TRY! Don't miss it.

At Rose Valley, we walked up and down stairs, admiring the roses and some other flowers and plants. Children were probably having lots of fun sliding down the stairs! I took the slide too, once : )
The Rose Valley visit ended with more sweetcorns, one strawberry icecream and two strawberry balloons (souvenir demanded!).
Next, we checked in to Century Pines Resort at Tanah Rata to get a short rest., then we headed for a tea break. Within 5 mins drive from Century Pines, we had our tea and scones at Bala's Holiday Chalet., a traditional tudor style country home with beautiful tended English garden. It was cozy.
Our next visit was Pasar Malam (Night Market) at Brinchang. Waaah! The Char Kuay Teo by a couple was marvellous. Here, at Pasar Malam, we bought some roses, oranges, pan cakes, potato chips (very special) and sweetcorns (remember to double check the quality and confirm the sweetness of the sweetcorn before you decided to buy. Some of the stocks are not original). We then, heading back to the resort.
As demanded, children were enjoying themselves at the park near to the resort. Sean, the careless boy, fell into the mud while running to the climbing frames!! It took me more than 5 mins for a quick clean and change.
Century Pines Resort is highly recommended for family with children. Food and nearby tourist attractions were easily accessible. RM329 was paid for a Deluxe Room + single bed with 2 American Breakfast (No extra charge for children). For a cheaper rate on non peak, you may book online at
While for dinner, steamboat is a must! Again, within 5 mins drive from Century Pines, we had our steamboat at Mayflower Restaurant, same row as Maybank (this Maybank, never on the light one! Ask around if you can't locate it). RM14/person, we ordered for a 2 adults set i.e. RM28. While, Sean was having his sweet dream, Yi Chian and I and our princess Ern Tong were enjoying our steamboat. The steamboat was extra delicious in this cold cold Cameron Highlands!
American Breakfast provided by the resort was just ok. Meantime, children were more exited and looking forward for strawberry picking.
We managed to pick lots of big, fresh strawberries at Big Red Strawberry Farm located at Brinchang. Strawberries may look nice, but they were sour! Don't buy it on purpose, just pick some for fun. However, you may try the strawberries served with whipped cream, nice! Here, fresh veges, flowers and plants were displayed for sale too. We bought some hydroponic veges.
At noon, after checked out from Century Pines, we headed to Bharat Tea Plantation. What a beautiful scenery. I feel so relaxed with the refreshing greenery.
The only place we missed out was the Iskandar waterfall (heavy rain). Overall, I must admit that we have fun, we have joy in Cameron Highlands!!!
*To view more photos, click here
*To know more on Cameron Highlands, click here

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Petrosains KLCC

Our visit to Petrosains in PETRONAS Twin Towers, the world's tallest buildings started with a light meal at Suria KLCC. Sean and Ern Tong both shared a smiling face donut and plenty of tomato source., Yi Chian and I had our sandwich with a cup of cappuccino... yum, yum, yummy !!!

About PETROSAINS "PETROSAINS is an interactive Science Discovery Centre that presents a story of science and technology of the petroleum industry in a fun way. The concept and content not only revolve specifically around petroleum science, but also embrace all other aspects of general sciences..."

After a long queue (due to school holiday), we were fascinated with the 'Dark Ride', travelling through rain forests, over mountains into the wondrous world of Petrosains.

Children were so excited to see, touch, experiment and play with lots of science demonstrations here. They were especially happy receiving souvenir for our participation in the event of 'Ice-cream Making'. Hmm, Sedapnya!

The helicopter ride was an adventurous one. We were seated in a 'Helicopter Simulator' for a journey with tropical storm, landing on an oil platform. To my surprise, Sean was brave enough to go through the whole ride. I felt a bit dizzy though : (

It was such a long, fun and tiring visit... all of us were so e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d !!! I guess, we need a second visit to catch the 3D movies at Teater Ungku Omar.

The visit to Petrosains KLCC was another sweet memory to add on, recalling the giggling gaggling, the excitement, the funny faces and giggling gaggling again..... it was just..... so sweet !

*For more photos on our visit, do click here

*For more information on Petrosains, do click here

Monday, July 28, 2008

Newspaper Cutting, NanYang 24 July 08

As usual, for a normal weekend, Yi Chian reached home around 2.35pm. It was a quiet afternoon. Children were having their nap.
'Hui, come over', showing me a full page of newspaper (nicely placed on our computer table). I was not sensitive enough and kept reading on the headline of the first reported news..... then, I saw his photo. Hmmmm, smiling at him., then started to read again, this time, with the right focus.
A message to my love...'Yi Chian, I am PROUD of you!'.

Source: NanYang Siang Pau, 24 July 08. Professional Topic, page A10

Monday, July 21, 2008

National Science Centre, the 'Big Ball Ball'

The objective of National Science Centre is 'To increase public awareness, appreciation, interest and understanding of Science and Technology'

Our day tour to the centre was a fun educational visit. Here it goes...

Woke up early in the morning at 7.15am, Sean came knocking on my door, "Good morning mummy (followed with a sweet kiss). Mummy, morning already! Can we go to the Big Ball Ball ?"

Sean has been repeating this question of Big Ball Ball for the past two weeks. He saw this huge, green dome shaped building two weeks ago when we dropped by at Bukit Kiara. It was 4.10pm then, and the National Science Centre will be closing at 5pm. Nevertheless, with free entry, we had a quick tour to the galleries and parks. I guess it was the Aquaculture Pond (available in the park) that Sean has been dreaming of., day and night : )

It was a scientific journey! Throughout our journey of the Galleries, Ern Tong and Sean were curious and excited with many hands-on interactive science exhibits. Our journey started by walking through an overhead aquarium. Along the way we passed through the Environmental Odyssey, Children Exploration Center, and so on.

At noon, we had our lunch at the cafeteria. To our disappointment, they offer very limited food choices, i.e., 'nasi ayam' and 'kuih udang', hahahaaaa! Luckily, the taste was ok.

After lunch, we started our journey of Science Educational Park. We visited the rabbit farm, bird park, the mini ostrich farm and many other science gardens. As expected, the aquaculture pond has made this journey a most memorable one!

*For more photos on our tour, please visit at

*For more information on visiting guides of National Science Centre, please visit at

Friday, July 18, 2008

Do Check Your Statement of KWSP (EPF)

I have never bothered to check on my statement of KWSP (Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja) myself.
Thanks to Yi Chian, my hubby. He caught it at a glance that, one particular month of my 'Penyata Kira-Kira Ahli 2007' falls short of RM690.
I was then told by Yi Chian that there are many other cases out there!!! So, remember to check your statement, every single penny is hard earned money.
After a few calls, repeating myself again and again, I managed to speak to the right one. They took one week to 'make the adjustment'.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Our Stay in Avillion, Port Dickson

We went to Avillion Port Dickson during mother's day. The stay was enjoyable.

Our premium water chalet was well situated with sea view. The toilet is special, I like it most. It has an open concept shower where the sky is above you. The resort has three nice pools. The children's pool with slide in the Village Court area was always in heavy use.

I had a surprise at the dinner function. I bumped into Melvin and Don. Melvin was the MC for the night, with Don assisting him. I can't recognise him from far initially. It was the way he talked and acted that made me checked him out : )

Melvin has two sons, Don too with two. Not much of chatting, as it was quite late when they finally get their rest.

Before our dinner, the organiser gave us two batik sarong to dress up 'creatively'. Yi Chian had it around his waist. I've made it a wrap outside my short., Ern Tong asked for the same. With no sarong left, I've used my scarft to wrap her into 'little sexy beach princess'.... and ... she won a price!!! That makes the dinner extra joy.

Children fall asleep at 11.45pm. In the middle of the silent night, we peacefully enjoying our peanut and beer at the balcony . The sea waves go soft and silent like the breeze...... I feel wonderful tonight!

Meantime, for the children, they enjoy almost every single moment of the stay. To name it, the beach, the swimming pool, the mini zoo, the dinner function, the snooker and even during our buffet breakfast. What a Sweet Sweet Memory : )

Click here for more photos

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Health and Medical Information by Dr. Ng Yi Chian

Note: All material published on this blog is for informational purposes only and isn't intended as a substitute for an office visit, which would include professional medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment.

This post serves to providing you with useful guides and articles concerning Health and Medical matters.

July 10, 2008 8:20 AM, QQbaby said...

My dad is having painful rashes around his waist line. According to Chinese healer (shinsei), this is called "snake" and if it goes a full round on the waist, it can be fatal!

What is "snake" and is it serious?

July 11, 2008, Dr. Ng said...

"Snake" is a name given by chinese for a medical condition called "Herpes Zoster". This is because the pattern of the rashes distribution like a band or "snake".

Traditionally, chinese people believe that when the "snake" grow one complete circle around one's body, he will die. Of course, now this is proven not true.

Herpes zoster is a reacitvation of the so call chicken pox virus. Your dad had chicken pox ( Varicella ) infection sometime ago. At that time, the virus will spread all over his body and developed multiple small blisters ( chicken pox ). After sometime, his body developed antibodies to kill all these viruses and he recovered from chicken pox. Since then, he has this antibody is his blood and is immuned against chicken pox. Therefore, one usually will get infected by chicken pox once in his life time.

However, for some reason, some viruses escaped the attack from these antibodies and managed to hide somewhere in our body, usually is in the nerve cells. For many years, these viruses remained dormant in your dad body........ until now ..............they are back again.

For unknown reason, these viruses are active again. Unlike the first time, this round they cannot spread to the whole body because antibodies are everywhere. They just grow along the nerve cells where they hide.

The distribution of our nerve cells follows segment called dermatome. That means each segment of our skin supplied by a group of nerve cells. Each segment is name after the vertebra e.g. T3, L5 , S4. It also divided to left and right side. You can imagine this like a building with different level. If a terrorist hide in one level, he can only cause damage to one level. He cannot cross to other level or even the opposite side of the same level because of the security.

Therefore, the rashes on your dad body can only grow around one side of the body forming a "C" letter only. No question of becoming fatal if it forms one circle.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tips, Tools and Free Software for New Blogger


I am a new blogger. Along the way in writing and composing the blog, I have encountered many issues of different aspects.

I would like to share with you some of the helpful tips, tools and software as per belows:

1. FastStone Photo Resizer (Free !)

  • An image converter / resizer intended to enable users to convert, rename, resize, crop, rotate, change color depth, add text and watermarks to images in a quick and easy batch mode. Drag and Drop mouse operation is well supported.
2. Loss of Paragraphs
  • Go to, Edit Post, click on "Edit Html" instead of "Compose".
  • Beginning of paragraph, insert
  • End of paragraph, insert
  • Click, "Publish Post" (you might not see the actual display in "Preview").

3. Photobucket (Free!)

  • Fail to upload 'gif' animated files ?
  • Upload the file to photobucket (I have tried FileAve, it is more complicated)
  • To copy the file, click "Direct Link" (the file is copied)
  • Click "Add Image" from "Edit Post"
  • Past the file at "Add an image from the web" (the "URL" box)
  • At photobucket, you may also upload all your photos, videos, and images for free. Make photo slide shows to share pics with friends too.

You are most welcome to comment and share with us any useful tips, tools and software. If you have better alternatives and suggestions, please feel free to comment too. Thank you.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Chian, You Are My Super Hero

Who is your superhero? Ironman, The Incredible Hulk, The Dark Knight, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Transformers, X-Men? Mine, like most women, is my very own husband, Yi Chian.
Writing and composing the blog is not at all easy for me : (
The most recent case was, the "loss of paragraphs" in majority of the published posts, making all sentences joining together. And hence, spending all day cracking my head trouble shooting. It was so weird that everything looks ok in the preview., but not ok in the published posts. Searching through the net for solution of similar cases and even posted my problem in a few forums. Feel so hopeless and upset...
Children go to bed at 9pm, giving them the opportunity to sleep at least 10 hours per night throughout early childhood. Chian came home at 9.50pm during weeknights., yet he is my superhero.
We went through the problem of the joint sentences, he has had a few click here and there, observing the differences of a few posts and started giving me a long lesson., most of the time coupled with a few examples.
Here you are, I have fixed them all in good order.
In the very beginning of writing and composing this blog, I have had bad experience of having to rewrite some of the published posts. Even simple instruction to embed photo albums and insert of links challenge me a lot.
Other than a good lecturer, my superhero can be a good technician, plumber, electrician, gardener and chef too. Above all, he is a 100% good doctor to patient, a responsible husband to wife, a caring father and friend to our children. He will do everything and anything to his best ability and knowledge.
To My Superhero, My Husband, A BIG THANK YOU !

Friday, June 27, 2008

Memory of Knitting and Crocheting

It has been such a long time since I stop knitting/crocheting. Though the skill is not as good, somehow I managed to recall part of them. Pictures shown here are three of my recent products : )
At the age of 13, I started my journey of knitting/crocheting, picking up the skill from an aunt. My aunt's passion for knitting/crocheting influenced me.
My products include baby shoes, tumbler holders, dresses, bags and etc. Many of them given out as gift.
What a sweet memory when I am writing this., recalling the past where I have lots of fun knitting/crocheting with a group of classmates during the secondary school days.
Whenever approaching to school holiday, a group of classmates including myself will start to knit/crochet. Enjoying the process of making a piece of garment from yarn. The topics by then is all about knitting/crocheting., where to buy the proper materials, colour matching, and so on.

It is now year 2008, I believed most of them are too busy to knit/crochet by now. Each and everyone of us has our own priority in life., career or family ?
Friendship makes our life colourful and wonderful ..................... miss you much, my dear friends.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sean and his Middle Child Syndrome

I came to know about 'Middle Child Syndrome' during a gathering with friends. From then, I make an effort to discuss this subject with other friends. To my surprise, many of them encountered and commented similar issues on middle child.
For me, I must admit that I am having tough time with Sean especially during my pregnancy of Ern Nee, the youngest. Many times, I lost control of myself, I even lost direction on how to handle him; feeling so useless, guilty and sad after the scolding and screaming. At one stage, I fell into serious anxiety and depression. This is because I love and care for him so much., but in return he demands for more love and care by misbehaving and being very defensive.
I happened to be a middle child myself. Though not 100%, I do agree to most of the points published in articles that I have read through. Please find the articles summarised as per belows:
*A middle child often have the sense of not belonging and feel left out and insecure.
*A middle child feels that life is unfair, or unloved or less loved than the others, and develop into an adult who suffers from a negative view of life.
*A middle child fights to receive attention because they feel ignored and have their 'firsts' not given as much praise.
*A middle child is often a loner. They don’t like to latch on to a person in a relationship.
*A middle child is traditionally not over achievers and only do enough to get by. This is because they do not like to take the limelight for anything.
*A middle child is however very artistic and creative. If forced to use abilities they will work well.
*A middle child often grow up to be well-adjusted, easy-going adults. It is said that middle child, since they must learn to deal with both oldest and youngest sibling, often learn adaptability, and may turn out to be the kind of adults who are good mediators and negotiators.
I hope that by sharing the above, it grants emotional support in helping you, to handle better with anxiety and depression when dealing with middle child.
Meantime, do remember to help middle children find their own unique gifts and talents and hence building strong sense of identity. Praise them for things they did well, avoid comparing amongst siblings and try to spend individual time with each of your children. Good luck !

Articles on Parenting

Potty Training-A Simple 4 Step Formula for Initiating Toilet Training by: Elena Neitlich

Potty Training-A Simple 4 Step Formula for Initiating Toilet Training.

“I’m so done with diapers!” groans a mother as she looks at the high price tag on the jumbo pack of diapers. “Is it time for my child to start potty training?”

Potty training is a big milestone for children. But how do parents know when to start? Intuition, expectations, common sense and observation play key roles in initiating potty training.

Step #1-Create a Parent/Child Team

Potty training is a combined effort between parent and child. Some parents may assume that they are in charge, while other parents place the child at the helm. In actuality, potty training is a partnership. Parents provide support, potty training tools, books, and dry clothing; children do the “going.”

Grasping the concept that potty training is a team effort between parent and child, and not a command and control situation, is critical to success. Strict, impatient pursuit of the goal puts undo pressure on the child, resulting in stress, anxiety and in some cases delayed potty training.

Step#2-Starting early doesn’t ensure quick results

In depth research on intensive potty training has proven that initiating the process early is in fact correlated to extended duration of potty training. Those parents who start training prematurely find that the potty training process lasts longer.

Children must develop bladder and muscle control before they are able to control toileting. Parents may adhere to this rough timeline of readiness: 15-18 months the child senses that his or her clothes are wet; 18 months the child may urinate on the potty if placed on it; 2- 2 1/2 years the child might alert the parent that he has to go; and 3-4 years the child may have the ability to “hold it” and visit the bathroom alone.

Step#3-Determine readiness by child’s development

When deciding to begin the potty training process, chronological age may not be the correct indicator for readiness. The parent should look for signs that the child is developmentally ready. This is especially true for babies who were born prematurely and children who are developmentally delayed.

Some good signs of readiness are: child can sit and walk well, child can stay dry for 2 hours or more, child is interested in doing what big kids or grownups do, child is able to follow and execute simple instructions, and child seems to understand what the potty is for and uses words relating to using the toilet.

Parents should assess the temperament of the child. Important questions to ask are: is the child able to focus, what is her attention span, does the child frustrate easily, is the child easily angered or discouraged.

For most children potty training occurs between 2 and 3 years, with the majority of children potty trained by 4.

Step#4-Go on now, go!

Today is the day! Parents should make sure that the child is in good health, and that the household is calm with no impending turmoil such as a move coming up, a new baby being brought home, or a parent going away on a trip.

Dress the child in easy to remove clothing like sweat pants with an elastic waist. Snaps, buttons and zippers are difficult for little hands and time consuming to manipulate when the urge arises. To reduce the pressure on the child, allow him to stay in diapers during the early days of potty training. Gradually transition him into underwear for short amounts of time as his dry times become more and more extended.

After a meal, nap, or when coming in from outdoors are good times to encourage the child to hop on the potty. Parents should be on the look out for indicators of when the child may have the urge to go.

Accompany the child to the potty and stay with him. The visit to the bathroom should be short and sweet; five minutes is plenty of time. Offer reading material, or use a fun potty training tool or toy to make the five minutes engaging. Important: if the child wants to get off of the potty before five minutes, don’t force him to stay.

Praise, praise, praise! Little milestones deserve lots of hugs and kisses. It is really something for a little tyke to hop on the potty by herself, pull up her own pants, or make it into the bathroom (even if only to be a little late.) Be kind, patient, sensitive and proud. Don’t scold the child for having accidents, ever.

Whining And Dining by: Lynn Powers

Have you ever gone to a restaurant to relax after a hard day’s work only to have a child at the next table screaming, crying, or throwing temper tantrums throughout your entire meal?

It’s not easy, if not impossible, to enjoy yourself, let alone carry on a nice conversation with whomever you’re dining with while listening to a screaming child. Although we can sympathize with the parents, who are usually red-faced and greatly embarrassed by their child’s behavior, frankly, it’s distracting and annoying.

I will confess I’ve been that embarrassed parent. I am ashamed to say our family’s presence has annoyed our share of fellow diners. When my kids were younger, there were more than a few times when they threw fits in the middle of a dining-out experience. Almost enough to boycott dining out until they were in their teens. Or, at least limit eating out to fast food restaurants where whining children are the norm, rather than the exception.

If you’re daring enough to admit you’ve been there, if your child has screamed, cried or temper tantrumed and annoyed his or her way through dinner, read on. Here are some tips for making your dining out experience more peaceful for everyone.

1. Choose the restaurant wisely. There is truly no need to eliminate sit down restaurants from your life for the next ten years (fine dining, maybe). If a restaurant provides high chairs, it means that children are welcome (or at least tolerated!) If you’re concerned about distracting other diners, ask for a table in the corner or in an area that’s noisier to begin with, such as near the kitchen.

2. Timing is Everything. Avoid scheduling your lunch or dinner during rush hour, when the restaurant will be more crowded. The least busy time to dine out is typically between two and five PM. Timing your child’s mood is also a must. Taking a child out to eat when he’s tired almost guarantees a dinnertime meltdown. Right after naptime is usually best.

3. Be Prepared. I am convinced that dining out with children is one of the main reasons companies design huge purses. Throw a few extra things in your bag before leaving for the restaurant. Things like snacks and other food options in case your child decides she doesn’t like anything on the menu. Small toys or books that can occupy her while she waits for her food. Many restaurants provide these things for times such as this. Ask your hostess or waitress. She’ll probably be glad you did.

4. Don’t Lose your Cool. As embarrassed as you may be if your child throws a fit in the middle of a busy restaurant, and no matter how many angry looks you get from fellow diners, take it in stride. Yelling at your child or getting frustrated only makes everyone feel worse. Walk out with your child for a few moments to see if he’ll calm down. If not, you may need to leave the restaurant altogether. Apologize to your waitress, ask for carryout containers and hightail it out of there.

One last thought: don’t give up hope! Just because you had an unpleasant dining experience this time doesn’t mean it won’t be smooth sailing next week. Try, try again. Pray for God to give you patience with your child. And pray for other diners to extend you a little grace as you master the dining out experience with your child.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Phonics and Reading Progress with Clicknkids

Looking for a good phonics and reading program for Ern Tong, perhaps for Sean too (if he is interested). Read through comments on clicknkids program, tested on their trial lessons. Quite impressed.

School holiday started., the right time to introduce the phonics program. Signed up for clicknkids on 26 May 2008. Paid with paypal at USD53.87 without the option of 3 payments. You do have this option when opting with other mode of payments.

Test run on Ern Tong. Able to manage. Started at lesson 10., as per guided. I guess it really goes on individual., may reverse to earlier lessons to build a stronger basic. Test run # 2 with Sean the tough one., short concentration and refuse to be guided. His learning is very much dependant on his mood.

27 May 2008. Told Ern Tong that clicknkids is a learning program (not a game). Started with lesson 3, and she is doing good and able to proceed with lesson 4 then 5 with full concentration. Try again on Sean with lesson 2, not in good mood., let him off.

30 May 2008. Ern Tong is progressing well. She is doing lesson 16 today. Lesson 3-10 was very relaxing with her strong basic from school and of course the earlier fun games with starfall online free program. Whereas for Sean, I would introduce clicknkids again when he is much more ready, anytime, no hurry!

Clicknkids is the right program for Ern Tong at age 6. It is catered where children can learn (not play) systematically. 'Learning' and 'systematic' are important points versus the other free online fun educational games.

Personnally, I would recommend clicknkids for children in need of reading skills. Parents may visit ClickN Read Phonics learning to read website for more information and clarification.

19 June 2008. Ern Tong is doing fine with lesson 36 today. Her challenge level starts from lesson 30, where she requires repetition on some of the lessons. On and off Sean did request for a lesson, especially when Ern Tong is reading so well in front of him. However, I do feel that he is not ready.

20 June 2008. She resists to do lesson. I guess she needs a few days off.

3 November 2008. Ern Tong is able, and ready to read on her own : )

Friday, May 30, 2008

Educational Games for Ern Tong and Sean

Ern Tong is 6 years old now. She was introduced and exposed to computer at the age of 3. I started her with Disney Winnie the Pooh series., including CDs of 'Infants', 'Baby', 'Toddler', 'Preschool' and 'Ready to Read With Pooh'. These games are fun and interactive.

Art and craft is one of her favourite activities. Her ambition for the year 2008 is.... Artist : ) . She loves swimming too, where she practise it once a week at school. Her favourite website is Barney and Friends, where she can access to free Barney's Video, Games, Music.

Sean manage to pick up very fast when learning with interactive fun games. He loves Winnie the Pooh series and Barney and Friends too. However, his passion for music and songs surprised me most. It is really sweet and happy when he performs his song. One of his favourite CDs is My Little Star-Song. We then bought the other two of the same series 'Occupation' and 'Fruits'.

Another free online educational website that both Ern Tong and Sean love is Learn To Read at Starfall. This educational website enhances children's ACBs awareness and phonics practise.


My name is Kee Ken Wee, a graduate from University of Northumbria at Newcastle. Managing some home-based activities at my own pace and interest., while not forgetting to take care of family daily needs and necessities.

Registered since 1999 with Ng Yi Chian, a graduate of University Malaya, our love blossoms with 3 kids. Darling, Ng Ern Tong was born on November 2002. Two years later, we welcome our God gifted prince, Ng Kai Sean on December 2004. Then our bonus, Ng Ern Nee joined us on September 2007.

Our life is pretty much a routine and a simple one. Of course there are learning curves with ups & downs.

To be very honest, I am not good in this "blog" thing. It is very new to me. And WOW!!! I have just created one and starting to write something about me and my family : )
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