Saturday, January 7, 2012

Siem Reap, 6 Days 5 Nights Educational Trip

Gosh, Malaysia Airlines messed up our holiday! Our flight KLIA-Siem Reap, MH764, 29 Dec 2011 , Siem Reap-KLIA, MH765, 3 Jan 2012 was rescheduled/delayed 24 hrs without notification ..... no email, no phone call, no sms, nothing!!!

I was lucky enough THOUGH, trying to check-in online 48 hours before departure, and that, to my surprice our flight schedule changed! HHmmm , it was like a bomb, my head was blank, then kelam kabut...calling and emailing here and there, the customer service officer cannot even tell us the reason of the changed! Their service is really 'memalukan'.

The children got to miss the first day of school, thought of cancelling the trip..... BUT.... I do not want them to be disappointed....

OHHhh, I have had enough of you are,

Our Rescheduled Itinerary : )
.time difference: -1hr Cambodia (M'sia 6pm, Cambodia 5pm)
.bargain: 50%
.bring mask, torch light for sunset, binoculars for balloon,(hat, sunscreen, rain-coat, long sleeved/jacket for eco-visit), prepare candy/souvenir for orphans

MH 764 Depart 10:55am, Arrive 12:00pm
12:30pm Check in to Golden Temple Villa +855 12 943 459,
2:00pm Sky Venture Microlight $50/15 mins Tel: +855(0)77602912, +855(0)17678533
1:45pm Khmer Ceramics (Potter Wheel Workshop) $15/1.5hr with pick up Tel: +855 (0)17 843 014 Location: Vithey Charles De Gaulle
4:00pm Artisan Angkor Workshop (and book shuttle for 31/12 silk farm) 3 mins walk from Golden Temple Villa
6:00pm Acodo Khmer Dance (near old market)
7:00pm old/night market *buy palm sugar
* free 30 mins massage x 2 ($3/hr)

9:00am Artisans d’Angkor Silk Farm. Take the free shuttle bus at 09:30 and 13:30 from the Artisan d’Ankgor Chantiers-Ecoles to the Silk Farm. *3 mins walk from Golden Temple Villa Tel: +855(0)63 963 330
3:00pm balloon ride ($15/20 mins) On the road between the airport and Angkor Wat
4:30pm horse ride ($19/1 hr sunset ride) Tel: +855(0)12920002, +855(0)16920002
6:00pm back hotel, dinner

8:30am The Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap (Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Victory Gate, Thommanom, Chau Say Thevoda, Ta Keo, Ta Prom, Banteay Kdei, Sras Srang, Prasat Kravan, Sunset) Accompanied by driver whole day $9 per tuk tuk
.Banyon = middle of Angkor Thom
.to take sunset elephant ride (beautiful sunset at Phnom Bakheng , Pre Rup Temple and especially Phnom Krom)
.temple ticket US$20. After 17:30 it is possible to enter the park without a ticket, which allows at least watching the sunset i.e. in front of Angkor Wat.


5:50am Osmose full day, Bird Sanctuary and Floating Village ($85x2, $20x3 = $230) Tel: +855 (0)12 832 812 +855(0)636 745 000

.Sky Venture Microlight $50/15 mins Tel: +855(0)77602912, +855(0)17678533
.Khmer Ceramics (Potter Wheel Workshop) $15/1.5hr with pick up Tel: +855 (0)17 843 014 Location: Vithey Charles De Gaulle
4:30pm Quad Adventure with pick up $38/quad 1 hr sunset Telephone: +855(0)17 784 727

11:30am check out from Palm Village
MH765 Depart 12:55pm Arrive: 4:06pm 

Clean and delicious local food at Golden Temple Villa with reasonable/cheap price and nice atmosphere. However, stay is not recommended. The tap water smells bad.
Quiet stay at Palm Village with unique Khmer-styled palm wood bungalows. Food not as good as Golden Temple Villa.

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