Monday, July 7, 2008

Chian, You Are My Super Hero

Who is your superhero? Ironman, The Incredible Hulk, The Dark Knight, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Transformers, X-Men? Mine, like most women, is my very own husband, Yi Chian.
Writing and composing the blog is not at all easy for me : (
The most recent case was, the "loss of paragraphs" in majority of the published posts, making all sentences joining together. And hence, spending all day cracking my head trouble shooting. It was so weird that everything looks ok in the preview., but not ok in the published posts. Searching through the net for solution of similar cases and even posted my problem in a few forums. Feel so hopeless and upset...
Children go to bed at 9pm, giving them the opportunity to sleep at least 10 hours per night throughout early childhood. Chian came home at 9.50pm during weeknights., yet he is my superhero.
We went through the problem of the joint sentences, he has had a few click here and there, observing the differences of a few posts and started giving me a long lesson., most of the time coupled with a few examples.
Here you are, I have fixed them all in good order.
In the very beginning of writing and composing this blog, I have had bad experience of having to rewrite some of the published posts. Even simple instruction to embed photo albums and insert of links challenge me a lot.
Other than a good lecturer, my superhero can be a good technician, plumber, electrician, gardener and chef too. Above all, he is a 100% good doctor to patient, a responsible husband to wife, a caring father and friend to our children. He will do everything and anything to his best ability and knowledge.
To My Superhero, My Husband, A BIG THANK YOU !

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