Friday, July 11, 2008

Our Stay in Avillion, Port Dickson

We went to Avillion Port Dickson during mother's day. The stay was enjoyable.

Our premium water chalet was well situated with sea view. The toilet is special, I like it most. It has an open concept shower where the sky is above you. The resort has three nice pools. The children's pool with slide in the Village Court area was always in heavy use.

I had a surprise at the dinner function. I bumped into Melvin and Don. Melvin was the MC for the night, with Don assisting him. I can't recognise him from far initially. It was the way he talked and acted that made me checked him out : )

Melvin has two sons, Don too with two. Not much of chatting, as it was quite late when they finally get their rest.

Before our dinner, the organiser gave us two batik sarong to dress up 'creatively'. Yi Chian had it around his waist. I've made it a wrap outside my short., Ern Tong asked for the same. With no sarong left, I've used my scarft to wrap her into 'little sexy beach princess'.... and ... she won a price!!! That makes the dinner extra joy.

Children fall asleep at 11.45pm. In the middle of the silent night, we peacefully enjoying our peanut and beer at the balcony . The sea waves go soft and silent like the breeze...... I feel wonderful tonight!

Meantime, for the children, they enjoy almost every single moment of the stay. To name it, the beach, the swimming pool, the mini zoo, the dinner function, the snooker and even during our buffet breakfast. What a Sweet Sweet Memory : )

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