Friday, September 5, 2008

Cameron Highlands 31 August 08, Merdeka! Merdeka!

Rose Valley located at Tringkap was our first stop at Cameron Highlands. While Yi Chian was getting the car parked in position, I saw two muscular men standing near the entrance.... holding and enjoying their sweetcorn (I feel funny). The next moment you know, I was holding and enjoying my sweetcorn too!! Hmmmm, very very sweet. MUST TRY! Don't miss it.

At Rose Valley, we walked up and down stairs, admiring the roses and some other flowers and plants. Children were probably having lots of fun sliding down the stairs! I took the slide too, once : )
The Rose Valley visit ended with more sweetcorns, one strawberry icecream and two strawberry balloons (souvenir demanded!).
Next, we checked in to Century Pines Resort at Tanah Rata to get a short rest., then we headed for a tea break. Within 5 mins drive from Century Pines, we had our tea and scones at Bala's Holiday Chalet., a traditional tudor style country home with beautiful tended English garden. It was cozy.
Our next visit was Pasar Malam (Night Market) at Brinchang. Waaah! The Char Kuay Teo by a couple was marvellous. Here, at Pasar Malam, we bought some roses, oranges, pan cakes, potato chips (very special) and sweetcorns (remember to double check the quality and confirm the sweetness of the sweetcorn before you decided to buy. Some of the stocks are not original). We then, heading back to the resort.
As demanded, children were enjoying themselves at the park near to the resort. Sean, the careless boy, fell into the mud while running to the climbing frames!! It took me more than 5 mins for a quick clean and change.
Century Pines Resort is highly recommended for family with children. Food and nearby tourist attractions were easily accessible. RM329 was paid for a Deluxe Room + single bed with 2 American Breakfast (No extra charge for children). For a cheaper rate on non peak, you may book online at
While for dinner, steamboat is a must! Again, within 5 mins drive from Century Pines, we had our steamboat at Mayflower Restaurant, same row as Maybank (this Maybank, never on the light one! Ask around if you can't locate it). RM14/person, we ordered for a 2 adults set i.e. RM28. While, Sean was having his sweet dream, Yi Chian and I and our princess Ern Tong were enjoying our steamboat. The steamboat was extra delicious in this cold cold Cameron Highlands!
American Breakfast provided by the resort was just ok. Meantime, children were more exited and looking forward for strawberry picking.
We managed to pick lots of big, fresh strawberries at Big Red Strawberry Farm located at Brinchang. Strawberries may look nice, but they were sour! Don't buy it on purpose, just pick some for fun. However, you may try the strawberries served with whipped cream, nice! Here, fresh veges, flowers and plants were displayed for sale too. We bought some hydroponic veges.
At noon, after checked out from Century Pines, we headed to Bharat Tea Plantation. What a beautiful scenery. I feel so relaxed with the refreshing greenery.
The only place we missed out was the Iskandar waterfall (heavy rain). Overall, I must admit that we have fun, we have joy in Cameron Highlands!!!
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