Friday, May 30, 2008

Educational Games for Ern Tong and Sean

Ern Tong is 6 years old now. She was introduced and exposed to computer at the age of 3. I started her with Disney Winnie the Pooh series., including CDs of 'Infants', 'Baby', 'Toddler', 'Preschool' and 'Ready to Read With Pooh'. These games are fun and interactive.

Art and craft is one of her favourite activities. Her ambition for the year 2008 is.... Artist : ) . She loves swimming too, where she practise it once a week at school. Her favourite website is Barney and Friends, where she can access to free Barney's Video, Games, Music.

Sean manage to pick up very fast when learning with interactive fun games. He loves Winnie the Pooh series and Barney and Friends too. However, his passion for music and songs surprised me most. It is really sweet and happy when he performs his song. One of his favourite CDs is My Little Star-Song. We then bought the other two of the same series 'Occupation' and 'Fruits'.

Another free online educational website that both Ern Tong and Sean love is Learn To Read at Starfall. This educational website enhances children's ACBs awareness and phonics practise.

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