Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Indonesian Maid, Passport Application and Renewal

Hi there,

For the first timer, I am writing this hoping to facilitate and ease some of your queries and doubts,

Documents required for Indonesian Passport Application and Renewal:

1. Original passport

2. Copy of passport (from front page to the latest work permit)

3. 4 pieces of passport size photos *red background

4. Copy of employer's IC

Embassy Address and Contacts:

No 233, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur Tel: +6 03 21164000 Fax: +6 03 21423878

Working hours: 9am-5pm (Monday-Thursday), 10am-5pm (Friday)

Tips and Guides:

  • Reach before 7.30am, 'take' your maid to queue/squeeze in front. Initially mine, hiding behind of the crowd : O
  • 7.30am Opening of main gate. Forms being distributed (1 copy of Passport Application Form and 3 sets of Employer/Maid Contract). Black and white Passport Application Form downloaded/printed from is acceptable. Notes: Employer signature is required at the contract agreement. It would be complicated for maid to fill up. So, make sure you are there to settle this in order to avoid unnecessary delay. Many employers over estimate their maid.
  • 8.30am Opening of numbering gate.
  • 9.00am Official office hours begins.
  • Collection normally can be done within 1 - 2 hours upon form submission. Mine done at 10.30am, just RM22 for a 3 years passport : )
  • Comfortable waiting seat, with air-con. Parking available next door, RM6/entry. There is a warong (for food) and photo shop too.

Good luck !

For more information on Embassy of Indonesia in Kuala Lumpur, please visit,
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