Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ern Tong, Congratulations On Your Graduation!

11 October was Ern Tong's big day, 'Congratulations on your graduation, we are proud of you darling!'

Ern Tong is leaving Eduland soon, thank you and Bye Bye Eduland! I am glad that Ern Tong has had a happy and enjoyable learning ground in Eduland. She has grown so much., she is now ready and looking forward to join Han Ming for her primary one : )

The Prom and Graduation Night 2008 was held at 'Palace of The Golden Horses'. Both Ern Tong and Sean have been practising long and hard for their performance. During the dinner, we were entertained by performances of Edulanders. Both Ern Tong and Sean were doing good. Ern Tong was especially gorgeous, she was so confident with every move and step. She is a real expert now, performing each year since 2 years old., the only time she cried : )

*Click here to view more photos on Ern Tong's Prom and Graduation Night 2008.

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