Monday, April 30, 2012

岩陀叶 Leea Indica 火筒树

Leea Indica 火筒树
Memali, Babangan, Sisiton, Minipon

This herbal plant has been with us since 2010., don't remember which month though. Initially,  papa asked me to drink it for my cough and wishing that it might help me as a thalassemia carrier...and on...and on....

Papa spotted a nice corner of my backyard...and Leea Indica has since adapting elegantly. It is a joy seeing it bloom and prosper now.

Papa said, I may drop a few fresh leaves into a teapot, pour in boiling water, and drink it on and off...enjoy sipping!!!!

Oh yes, like Sabah Snake Grass, Leea Indica is believed to be effective as traditional herbal cancer treatment too. From my reading, Leea Indica is quite similar to Sabah Snake Grass, they can be used for home remedies of other illnesses.

Research Article

Leea indica Ethyl Acetate Fraction Induces Growth-Inhibitory Effect in Various Cancer Cell Lines and Apoptosis in Ca Ski Human Cervical Epidermoid Carcinoma Cells

and I have read more information of Leea Indica treatment on this blog

...translated Leea Indica cancer treatment as follows:

Leea Indica Cancer Treatment:

Fresh leaves:
  • cut 4-5 washed leaves into small pieces, boil with 2 bowls of water.
  • boil until it remains with 1 bowl of water.
  • drink once daily for 100 days.

Dried leaves:
  • boil 83g dried leaves with 2.5l of water for 1.5 hours.
  • drink 100ml twice daily, i.e.before breakfast and dinner
  • encouraging results after 2-3 weeks

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