Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Rotary Junior Community Awards 2016

Congratulations Sean and to all the year 6 children who have completed the Junior Rotary program.

You have made it! We are so proud of you Sean!

"The Rotary Junior Community Award program has now completed its 20th year. These awards, designed by late Rotarian, David Hawkey, in the Bairnsdale area, engage Grade 6 students in four main areas of endeavour to be completed over the school year: Community Service, Social Experience, Physical Recreation and Skill Development. The students, with the aid of parents and teachers, design a program they feel they can achieve and keep a diary of their progress. There are now over 15,000 diaries sent around Australia each year.
The success of the program is indicated by the variety of activities the students choose to complete their award and the confidence and effort they put in, together with the enthusiasm and diligence of the people who are involved as supervisors, instructors, assessors, mentors and supporters. At the end of each year, students are presented with a certificate at a ceremony organised by the sponsor Rotary Club together with family, friends and supporters..."

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