Friday, November 18, 2016

Recipe: Teochew Sweet Braised Duck, 潮州滷鸭

My childhood is filled with memories of grandparents and cousins. Mama and Papa were once neighbour. Then, you know...yessSS...they got married. Ma is Teochew nang, Pa is Hainam nang. I used to converse fluently in both the dialects. Now? no more. But...understanding the still manageable.

KongKong ran a nursery business. To get sufficient energy, for breakfast, Popo normally fed family members with typical Teochew meal like porridge with fried fish, fermented bean curd, pickled shell and many more. When the big truck arrived, we, the little helpers and together with other workers will be positioned into a line... passing pots and potting soil of all kind.

So, this sweet braised duck recipe has been there, in ma's family, through generations. It is always in hot demand for 'big days', especially potluck.

Darling, Honey and Sean, I'm recording the recipe here, just in case...u wanna give it day...

Teochew Sweet Braised Duck, 潮州滷鸭
-  2kg duck (cleaned, pat dry and neck separated)
-  2 tbsp salt
-  150g sugar, or less
-  12 star anise
-  2 cinnamon sticks (4" each broke into smaller pieces)
-  5 clove garlic, minced
-  95g galangal/ginger slices
-  1 tbsp black sauce (optional)
-  220ml water 
-  10 hard boiled eggs, peeled (optional)
  1. Rub salt onto duck, including the cavity. Set aside for at least 3 hrs.
  2. Into a wok, melt sugar with med-high heat.
  3. When 70% of sugar turned caramel, add in star anise, cinnamon sticks, garlic and galangal/ginger. Saute with medium heat till fragrant (2-3 mins).
  4. Turn it down to med-low heat. Place duck in the middle. Coat duck skin with sauce. Repeat a few times on both sides (add 1 tbsp dark sauce if darker coloured duck is desired).
  5. Into the cavity, add a few pieces of spices from the sauce.
  6. Pour in water, cover and braise for 60 mins. Turning the duck every 15 mins.
  7. Remove the duck. 
  8. Pour the sauce to a smaller pot. Add all eggs and braise for 30 mins.
Wash, clean and remove access oil. Neck separated.

remove the unwanted

Removed. Otherwise, it stinks!

Rub salt all over, including the cavity

Set aside for at least 3 hrs. Meantime, drain access water.

Med-high heat, melt sugar.

When 70% sugar turned caramel, add all spices. Saute till fragrant.

Coat duck skin with sauce. Repeat a few times on both sides.

Add 1 tbsp of dark sauce and coat evenly (optional).

Add 220ml water.

Braise duck for 60 mins, med-low heat.

Turn duck every 15 mins.

Remove duck from wok.

Pour sauce to smaller pot. Add all eggs.

Braise eggs for 30 mins, low heat.

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