Friday, December 18, 2015

The Big Move - Part 1

Today is the day. Container arrived around 2pm. How am I supposed to feel? I am confused. I am so tired. I haven't been sleeping well. My brain can't stop I wished there is a switch...I wanted so much to switch it off after 10., so I can stay fresh the next day.

The next day? Me and my children and my maid will be dusting, washing, brushing, moving...O...I need a man...a man that can carry heavy stuff. This was the routine for us, for the past few weeks.

Mom called. Checking on progress. Papa has been busy. Can't visit us yet. Told her not to worry, I can handle Can I?

Mom called. Checking if I need more stuff? Papa wanted to buy something for us. No mom...we are moving to a smaller house. The amount is a little too much for us now. She gave me vouchers...asked me to buy whatever...for memory...for the children...for us. O mom. O papa. O brothers. I love you.

Thank you children. Mommy love you. My great helpers...three little great helpers!

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