Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Eventful November !

27, 28 November 13 Little Surprise for Darling's Birthday!
Ling has been reminding me of her birthday., keep reminding me to give her surprise(s) : )
Invited her BFF Maya at the very last minute to join us for this little surprise...she was touched!

22 November 13 2D2N Hard Rock Hotel, Penang
4 hours + driving up to Penang., reached the hotel around 2am! It wasn't that bad comparing to our trip to Johor and Singapore.

16 November 13 Cousin's Wedding Dinner, Melaka
Be it a wedding dinner, family get together or family reunion...
...these happy moments and memories shall last...forever!

10 November 13 Pantai Bagan Lalang, Sepang
It's a rainy day... hallelujah!
Extra fun FUN fun with the raindrops...

7 November 13 A Surprise to My Love!
A surprise to keep the three little ones busy and excited...a fun event inspiring creativity...

3 November 13 Nee's Convocation and Concert Day
It's a BiiiiiiiiG day...welcoming new graduate, Miss Ng Ern Nee from Citrawarna...joining koko and cheche soon : )
Time past...time flies...

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