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Yasmin Survivor

3 May 2015

I was on Mercilon (low dose) since May 2013 and decided to try wean off the birth control pill very slowly this round.

First 6 months - 1 pill every other day for 20/22 days, rest 7/8 days  
Notes: Used normal cleaner, cleansing oil, serum, sunblock, mineral makeup and was on normal diet plus,
  • 1 evening primrose oil (morning)
  • 1 fish oil (afternoon)
  • 2 vitamin C (afternoon)
  • 1 Surbex Zinc for 3 months, now on Bio Zinc (night)
  • small amount of Dong Quai powder (Angelica sinensis) every 2-3 weeks 
6 months have passed, all good. 1st period after 3 months, then 2 months, then 2 weeks, having no regular pattern.

7th month - 7/4/15 1 pill every 3 days for 21 days, rest 9 days
8th month - 5/5/15 1 pill every 4 days for 20 days, rest 11 days
9th month - 2/6/15 1 pill every 5 days for 20 days

6 April 2013

I know it is too early to tell, but this morning I woke up to find my fingers numbness has gone., almost totally!  I am writing this now, to record my first improvement, 3 days off hormone pill.

6 years ago, I gave birth to my youngest daughter. We decided that IUCD is not suitable for me and agreed on Yasmin plan.

I thought...and I really thought, after giving birth to 3 kids, my body, my health has gone so bad!

I started to have weird...very unusual cough on chilly nights and cloudy days. Sweater, socks, trousers, gloves, cap, thin long john., one by one top on to my body. The cough is torturing me a lot! The body will turned very cold (inside), if I am quick enough to put on the spring wear, I am safe sometimes. However, most of the time, it was too late. Phlegm formed quickly and the cough may last for hours. When the cough started, I'll be sweating badly, but still very very cold on the inside even without fan and air-con.

Other than that, I'll be rubbing my eyes in the middle of the nights uncontrollably. This has caused serious damage to the skin around my eyes.

Then, about 14 months ago, a beautician suggested me to stop taking birth control pill to avoid pigmentation issues.

5 months off Yasmin, my face became very oily. Pores clogged noticeably on the 6th month. 7th month onwards, acne breakouts seriously. It was so serious and I never relate it with Yasmin until I made a search for acne treatment. I am furious! I am so furious that the doctor did not warn me on the possible side effects Yasmin can cause! I talked to the doctor about this issue and gained no support from him!

Through my search, I have gave the following a try:
  • olivenol plus capsules
  • evening primrose oil
  • turmeric paste with milk, sesame oil and pepper
  • turmeric mask
  • carrot juice
  • tidact
  • adapalene
I know, out there, there are many happy Yasmin consumers. But, I am not the only unlucky one. When I was seeking help at a pharmacy, I am glad to gain support from the pharmacist. She was on Yasmin and quit as she refused to gain further weight. Then I came across other unlucky ones when I talked about it with friends.

I felt helpless after fighting the battle for 8 months. I surrendered. Three months ago, once again I took Yasmin. Now, I have clear face., like I always do during my teen years!

The problem cough! Last week, the cough is back, three months after taking Yasmin! Gosh, I am such a stupid dumb dumb! I am quite sure now that my cough is caused by Yasmin! Recalling the 14 months off Yasmin, I don't remember coughing so badly! In fact, I merely cough.  Whenever I cough now, I thought to file in a case and sue the company for selling these high dose hormone pills!

More than 2 months back, 5 fingers on the left, all gone partially numb except the index. The numbness on the index was so terrible, I have to slowly force it down with pain., forcing it repeatedly. Every morning I woke up to find my fingers gone numb. Although it only lasts for 1 hour, I am getting so worried, ! The doctor said it was the joint and bla bla bla.

I was caught in a dilemma for a few days. Now that I can certainly tell that Yasmin is the caused for my cough, eye irritation and numbness., but I am so afraid that once I stop taking the pill, those nuts will be popping back causing acne breakouts again!!!

At first, I switched the pill from Yasmin to Mercilon, thought to try my luck on a low dose hormone pill. But the cough is killing me!!! Only took Mercilon for 3 days and decided to stop taking any kind of hormone pill forever (if only I can manage).

To be precise, no more hormone pill on 3 April 2013. And these are the supplements I am taking immediately once I stop (with my clear face):

Morning (empty stomach 1 cap each):
  • Prolactor
  • Primrose Oil
Night (before bed, 1 tab each):
  • Surbex Z Extra (Elemental Zinc 22.5mg, B5 20mg, Vic C 750mg, E30iu). Throughout my search, generally the recommended dosage for Elemental Zinc is 30-100mg and B5 is 1-10g. 
I do not expect miracle, but wishing for improvement! And yes, I am so excited to find  myself woke up in the morning with the slightest numb on those 5 fingers! Yipee!! I can't wait to update more : )

8 April 2013

Yesterday, I found my nose to be very oily with a few clogs here and there on the face. The recipe for acne battle has then increased to 2 Surbex instead of 1., starting to chew on 20 g of sesame seeds and will play around with these selected food which I already love:
  • chapati
  • wholemeal bread 
  • oatmeal
  • brown rice
  • pumpkin 
  • sweet potato
  • sesame seeds
  • avocado
  • red grapes
  • garlic
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • bake beans
  • carrot and carrot juice
  • mango
  • papaya
  • tomato
  • salmon
and of course with lots of water, other fruits, vegetables and fish.

Remarks: The fingers numbness remained, however with faster recovery (about 30 mins). I won't give up! Gambatte!! Will also observed at the meantime whether the sinus has any relation to Yasmin., causing me breathing difficult : (

15 April 2013

Surbex Z increased to 3 capsules on 11 April 2013., avoiding milk and spicy food!

Managed to reduce clogged pores with Spiced Mask Recipe (choose 2 types of powder and liquid, 1 teaspoon each and mix well).

  • Nutmeg powder 
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Turmeric powder
  • Chickpea powder
  • *Baking powder (preferably once a week only as mask when the skin is stable)
  • Water
  • Honey
  • Sesame/Almond/Olive oil
  • Milk
From 9/4/13 to 13/4/14,

  1. Guinot refreshing cleansing milk 
  2. 30 mins baking soda + honey mask 
  3. Rose water as toner 
  4. TDF B5 essence 
  5. Neutrogena SPF50 sunblock
  1. Biore makeup remover oil
  2. Guinot refreshing cleansing milk 
  3. 30 mins nutmeg + cinnamon + honey mask 
  4. Rose water as toner
  5. TDF B5 essence
14/4/13 on wards, replaced morning routine of Guinot cleanser and baking soda mask with:
  • Cetaphil cleansing milk + 1/2 tsp baking soda (let it sit for 2 mins on oily nose then spread and clean the rest of the face)
8/2/14 It was too stressful... I am on pills again

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