Friday, April 27, 2012

April Fool & Fun

7 & 8 April 2012 Cameron Highlands

Strawberry Park Resort, 2 bedroom Freshno Suite. Clean, comfortable and spacious for 5 of us.

The last trip to Cameron was back in 31 August 2008, National Day. The trip was without Ern Nee : (

Sliding through our photos to Cameron, 2008, sweetie used to ask sadly "Where is Ern Nee, mom?"...not once, a few times, indeed.

Cameron was always in my mind since last year....

I wanted very much to make it complete.... I wanted to have Ern Nee in our album, five of us in the album. YES, this is it, hAhA

14 & 15 April 2012 Melaka, Home Sweet Home

Longing for food, Melaka food..... ridiculous? I managed to sapu the followings:

1. Lois Beef Kut Teh
2. Bunga Raya Si Ham
3. Bunga Raya Ma Kiok
4. Jonker Street Chicken Rice Ball Ball
5. Triangle Street Taiwan Beef Noodle

Slurrrrp...yumm yummm...THUMBS UP!.......BuUUUrrrrp! excuse me  : )

Beach has always been super fun for three little.

The weather was appealing to me, not too sunny, just perfect....

Joy to the world!

29 April 2012 Cosmo's World Theme Park

Not the fist time.... have been looking forward for Cosmo's since last week. We have been sliding through the old album, chatting about the fun rides.... we were all so excited about it!!....unfortunately... Ern Nee was so sick that we can't afford to spend long hours out.

hahaaaaa, look at this, we were having so much fun,

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