Tuesday, August 17, 2010

7 Days 5 Nights Japan, Hokkaido

4 August 10 - 10 August 10, Hokkaido Floral Season

Just the two of us!! Yeah, it has been 8 years since Ern Tong was born., then Sean., and Ern Nee. Though it was a hard decision, though we did miss the 3 little bao bei so much....yet, brought home with us... romantic moments and precious memories. Lovely!!!

Thanks to Apple Vacations and our tour guide, Kenro. And a BIG thank you to my Darling ; )

Look at the rock melon. It is soooo delicious... very sweet and juicy!!! Do try the white sweet-sweet corn too!

The egg was the best boiled egg I have ever eaten. It was firm on the outside, but oozy inside!!!! And the red-orange egg york impressed me most!

Thumbs up for the Double A Kobe Beef! And yes, it is delicious and melts in your mouth. The Kobe Beef was amazing!! MUST TRY!

Japan's whale meat obsession... What drives whale eating in Japanese homes and schools?
"In Japan whale meat is an important part of the Japan cultural identity. Whale meat is tied to Japan history and Japan culture..." Thanks to Dr. Ko, we were glad to try.

Tasty seafood.., simply irrestible!! Thumbs up for the fresh scallop, abolon and king crab!

King crab was the highlight... look at the size.. goodness, it weighs 3.8kg, WOW!!

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